Monday, December 13, 2004

What are some symptoms of AIDs?

When people come in contact with the virus, they don't know they have it until they finally go to the doctor, which would probably be weeks after the contract the virus. People in America, as well as in the rest of the world, often neglect to go to the doctor for normal check-ups. They onlygo when they feel something is wrong with them. Developing AIDs can be prevented if it is detected early enough. Most cases of AIDs are a result of advanced cases of HIV. Studies show that HIv is less severe and deadly that AIDs. If you have HIV, if detected early enough, you can prevent it from becoming AIDS with special treatment, but people don't find out until they exhibit symptoms. This is not a good thing because, in the early stages of HIV, there may not be no symptoms. Some people don't even know any of the symptoms. Some common symptoms when you have HIV/AIDs are severe headaches, weight loss, fevers, and nausea. Other symptoms, which are rare, are seizures, lack of coordination, vision loss, and sometimes they even go into comas. I think it's best to detect it early so that these symptoms will not get out of controls.


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